Xiaoyi Zhang | 张骁懿


4th year CS PhD student at University of Washington
Advised by Prof. James Fogarty

HCI / Accessibility / Personal Informatics

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Publication (17)

Conference (11)

Robust Annotation of Mobile Application Interfaces in Methods for Accessibility Repair and Enhancement
Xiaoyi Zhang, Anne Spencer Ross, James Fogarty
UIST 2018 (Accepted) • PDFVideo

Interactiles: 3D Printed Tactile Interfaces on Phone to Enhance Mobile Accessibility
Xiaoyi Zhang, Tracy Tran, Yuqian Sun, Ian Culhane, Shobhit Jain, James Fogarty, Jennifer Mankoff
ASSETS 2018 (Accepted) • PDFVideo

Examining Image-Based Button Labeling for Accessibility in Apps through Large-Scale Analysis
Anne Spencer Ross, Xiaoyi Zhang, James Fogarty, Jacob O. Wobbrock
ASSETS 2018 (Accepted) • PDF

APPINITE: A Multi-Modal Interface for Specifying Data Descriptions in Programming by Demonstration Using Natural Language Instructions
Toby Jia-Jun Li, Igor Labutov, Xiaohan Li, Xiaoyi Zhang, Wenze Shi, Wanling Ding, Tom M. Mitchell, Brad A. Myers
VL/HCC 2018 (Accepted) • PDF

Epidemiology as a Framework for Large-Scale Mobile Application Accessibility Assessment
Anne Spencer Ross, Xiaoyi Zhang, James Fogarty, Jacob O. Wobbrock
ASSETS 2017 • PDFOfficial Page (Best Paper Nominee)

Interaction Proxies for Runtime Repair and Enhancement of Mobile Application Accessibility
Xiaoyi Zhang, Anne Spencer Ross, Anat Caspi, James Fogarty, Jacob O. Wobbrock
CHI 2017 • PDFOfficial PageVideo

Smartphone-Based Gaze Gesture Communication for People with Motor Disabilities
Xiaoyi Zhang, Harish Kulkarni, Meredith Ringel Morris
CHI 2017 • PDFOfficial PageVideo

Examining Unlock Journaling with Diaries and Reminders for In Situ Self-Report in Health and Wellness
Xiaoyi Zhang, Laura R. Pina, James Fogarty
CHI 2016 • PDFOfficial PageVideo

Leveraging Dual-Observable Input for Fine-Grained Thumb Interaction Using Forearm EMG
Donny Huang, Xiaoyi Zhang, T. Scott Saponas, James Fogarty, Shyamnath Gollakota
UIST 2015 • PDFOfficial PageVideo

See UV on Your Skin: An Ultraviolet Sensing and Visualization System
Xiaoyi Zhang, Wenyao Xu, Ming-Chun Huang, Navid Amini, Fengbo Ren
BodyNets 2013 • PDFOfficial Page

Proper Running Posture Guide: A Wearable Biomechanics Capture System
Xiaoyi Zhang, Ming-Chun Huang, Fengbo Ren, Wenyao Xu, Nan Guan, Wang Yi
BodyNets 2013 • PDFOfficial Page

Journal (4)

Beacon: Designing a Portable Device for Self-Administering a Measure of Critical Flicker Frequency
Ravi Karkar, Rafal Kocielnik, Xiaoyi Zhang, Jasmine Zia, George N. Ioannou, Sean A. Munson, James Fogarty
IMWUT(Ubicomp) 2018 • PDFOfficial Page

FridgeNet: A Nutrition and Social Activity Promotion Platform for Aging Population
Yuju Lee, Ming-Chun Huang, Xiaoyi Zhang, Wenyao Xu
IEEE Journal of Intelligent Systems, 2015 • PDFOfficial Page

BreathSens: A Continuous On-Bed Respiratory Monitoring System with Torso Localization using an Unobtrusive Pressure Sensing Array
Jason Liu, Ming-Chun Huang, Wenyao Xu, Xiaoyi Zhang, Luke Stevens, Nabil Alshurafa, Majid Sarrafzadeh
IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics (JBHI) 2015 • PDFOfficial Page

Using Pressure Map Sequences for Recognition of On Bed Rehabilitation Exercises
Ming-Chun Huang, Jason Liu, Wenyao Xu, Nabil Alshurafa, Xiaoyi Zhang, Majid Sarrafzadeh
IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics (JBHI) 2014 • PDFOfficial Page

Workshop and Extend Abstract (2)

Toward a Portable, Self-administered Critical Flicker Frequency Test
Ravi Karkar, Rafal Kocielnik, Xiaoyi Zhang, James Fogarty, George N. Ioannou, Sean A. Munson, Jasmine Zia
Ubicomp Mental Health Workshop 2016 • PDFOfficial Page

EZwakeup: A Sleep Environment Design for Sleep Quality Improvement
Ming-Chun Huang, Xiaoyi Zhang, Wenyao Xu, Jason Liu, Majid Sarrafzadeh
CHI'EA 2014 • PDFOfficial PagePoster


Kai Kohlhoff, Xiaoyi Zhang
Google Patent

Media Coverage

Microsoft app helps people with ALS speak using just their eyes

Reported by Newsweek / New Scientist / The Telegraph and 50+ medias.


Reported by Engadget China / 36kr / China Youth Daily


Academic Conferences
Invited Paper Reviewer
Reviewed 18 papers in CHI / Mobile HCI / SUI / TEI (2018), CHI / Mobile HCI / SUI / DIS (2017), UIST / CHI LBW (2016)

Research Intern in Enable Team
Open-sourced SwipeSpeak (Github), a phone app that combines human and machine intelligence to enable eye gesture communication. Will soon open-source an eye gesture recognition library (cross-platform).

Research Intern in Enable Team
Built a low-cost, robust, portable, easy-to-learn and fast gaze gesture communication phone app for people with ALS.

Research Intern in Machine Intelligence group
Developed 3 new features in coLaboratory (Collborative iPython Notebook).

Co-founder & Chief Creative Officer
Design & Develop an iOS app to create Interactive images.

Research Intern in Computer Vision & HCI group
Built non-rigid face features detection, pose & gaze tracking for 3 teams.

APPLE, 2012 (Freshman Summer)
Software Engineering Intern in iCloud
Implemented 1 new feature, improved UX of 3 webapps and fixed 47 bugs.

Webmaster & Developer
Charitable rural information education using low-cost Android Tablet like OLPC.

TALKWAYS, 2011-2012
Co-founder & Former CTO
Video chat platform to learn language with culture; received $1 million investment.

Inventor of "Gesture@Mac"
Initiate the first project on Demohour, the largest crowd-funding platform in China now.

Project Demo Videos

As a hacker, I'd love to "Move fast and break things". Click to see demo videos.


Corin Anderson Endowed Fellowship, 09/2014
CSE Dept, University of Washington
$50000 / It allows me to "pursue academic course and research work in complete freedom" (in the first year).

CESASC Scholarship, 04/2014
Chinese-American Engineers&Scientists Association of Southern California
$1000 / One of national 10 winners, nominated by CESASC.

New Face of Engineering College Edition, 02/2014
National Society of Professional Engineers
$500 / One of national 15 winners, nominated by IEEE and other Engineer Associations.

Student Participation Grant, 09/2013
European Alliance for Innovation
$600 / Present two papers at Bodynets conference.

Best Overall, Mobile App&Data Visualization, 04/2013
LA Hacks, 40+ teams
$7500 / Project EyeWeight attracted Eytan Elbaz (Google Adsense founder).

Second Place, 04/2013
Facebook Hackathon, 250+ participants
$800 / Project AResume was appreciated by Facebook recruiter.

Grand Prize&Tech Difficulty Prize, 10/2012
HackUCLA, 20+ teams
$33000 / Project Music++ attracted Howard Marks (Activision founder).

Food Arts


Beginning to the Zero.

—Xiaoyi Zhang

Interesting Facts

- 1000+ hours spent on 20+ light novels
- ???? hours spent on ??? animes.
- 18kg weight dropped in 3 months.
- 10000+ downloads got in Windows Store.